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Favorite outrigger race:


San Juan Capistrano

Racing OC1 and 14' SUP, SUP surfing, downwinders, backcountry hiking

Catalina U.S. Championship, 10 1st place Masters 

Catalina Relay, Senior Master record with Tim Dougherty, 2009  

1st 14' SUP 2010 Tahoe Nalu distance race

1st 14' SUP 2011 Hobie/Hennessy U.S. Championship

1st overall on 14' SUP Battle of the Paddle open race 2013

The Catalina Channel Crossing is on top my list because of the preparation required, the brief island enjoyment, length and intensity of crossing the channel. 9-man typically with mild temperatures, and the food and drink on the other side.

eric starnes